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Beast Cast Episode 10 – Post ATC Discussion

Beast Cast 10 coming at you! Today we have Werner Born, Matt Schuchman, Sam Lucidi and Phil Rodokanakis give a recap of their games at ATC and the changes they would do with their lists. You can find the Webcast here: https://youtu.be/Z8oVTN9ZEh8   Podcast can be downloaded from here: https://beastcoastgaming.com/beast-cast-10/  ...


Beast Cast Episode 8 – BIG FAQ 2019!

Beast Cast 8 is now here! Today we have Nick brown, Matt Schuchman, TJ Lanigan and Phil Rodokanakis talking about the BIG FAQ 2019 and what will be the new meta. You can find the Webcast here: https://youtu.be/DWsHZt_elNk   Podcast can be downloaded from here: https://beastcoastgaming.com/beast-cast-episode-8/   Subscribe to our Cast in...


Beast Cast Episode 5 – Adepitcon Prep

Tonight we have Nick Brown, Matt Schuchman, Werner Born and Phil Rodokanakis talking about Adepticon prep Come check it out! We also did this live on Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/beast_coast_gaming). And we’re planning on doing it again! Stay tuned to our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/BeastCoastGaming40k/) for the date and time of our next...


Craftworld Eldar and Ynnari go to a Tournament!

Over the weekend I had a chance to play in an RTT and I was able to take the new Eldar out for a spin. It’s actually mainly a Ynnari list, but still used a few detachments of pure Eldar to unlock their very powerful Stratagems. Here’s my list: Battalion...


Eldar Codex Winners and Losers – First Reactions

The Eldar book came out today and the resident Eldar players here at Beast Coast have spent some time reviewing it. And let’s just say. Wow. There have been such a dramatic change in points that Index Eldar armies have now found themselves with 200-500 extra points! With that being...


Why I like cats – aka Soulburst tactics

Cats are pretty cool. Besides being sleek, fast, and deadly hunters, they have an air of grace and majesty. They can offer a lot to a person, but even more to an army. Especially the gyrinx and his companions, the Triumvirate of Ynnead.