MAGNARION or: How I learned to stop worrying and love Bloat Drones

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  • Are you bringing this new list to the Renegade Open?

    • Like I said in the article, Mortarion isn’t cleared for flying 🙁 Working hard on my eldar though 😉

  • Interesting that Magnus died so often. With Weaver of Fates I have found that he is incredibly resilient. But of course I also run Changeling to offset not going first to reduce what he takes in incoming fire. That -1 to hit buff is incredibly good for his survivability.

    • So he would die because he’s the first wave. He’s a big scary model that is thrown in front of my opponents army, I expected he would die because of that. But from the stories I kept hearing about how entire armies would go into him and he’d be fine. It just didn’t happen for me. I was more impressed with mortys surviability than Magnus.

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