How to Not Suck at Charging

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  • Nicola Cagliani

    1) How all these tricks can match with the assault rule: “when you pile in you must move towards the closest enemy model”? Ok, you can orbit around the nearer model without get closer to it but, in the Genoraptor case you are splitted between two units.
    2) Can i pile-in and engage other stuff?
    Thank you

    • Nick Nanavati

      Hi Nicola,

      I’m not 100% clear what you’re asking but I’ll do my best.

      If you stop 1″ away from an enemy model you can pile in so long as you end your move closer to it (.999″ away for example). This can be off to the side or something just so long as you are closer. IF you make base contact with a model you cannot pile in any further because it is impossible for you to get CLOSER, you can simply only remain equidistant.

      2. You can pile in and engage anything you want so long as you have the distance. Just know, that if you pile in and engage something new it will be able to activate and attack you.

      • Nicola Cagliani

        Ok that clarify some rules i didn’t understand well.

  • Vojtěch Čepelák

    Hello, if I consolidate after fight into new enemy unit, can that unit attack me in the same fight phase, Thanks!