Eldar Codex Winners and Losers – First Reactions

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  • Gabor Fazekas

    with the stratagems warlocks are pretty cool, even on foot, the council and the concordance gems make lock realy awesome

  • fullaflash

    Hey Phil and Matt thanks for the great analysis, its been a bit thin on the ground with the eldar codex..

    I’d like to say at this stage that I disagree with you on alaitoc windriders. I’m running a max squad of 9 with scatter lasers with a bike warlock for conceal and using cloudstrike to keep them off the table until my first shooting phase. With a successful guide (can be iffy I know) you throw out 27 hits, 22.5 wounds against GEQ of which 15 die assuming a 5+ save. That’s the better part of two infantry squads dead per turn and of course it gets better the following turn when they hit on 3s.

    To keep them alive vs a BS 4+ opponent who wants to focus them you can always pop lightning reflexes for a -3 to hit and essentially make them invulnerable.

    I agree they’re fragile but I think stratagems and Alaitoc give you a reliable way to keep them alive while dishing out huge amounts of dakka. That squad comes in at 252 points.

    • The problem is if you took those points and invested them in shadow specters they’d do a better job and with the same amount of buffs/cp investment be a -4 😉