Competitive Fundamentals – Screening Part One

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  • knackaz

    Would you rate fenrisian wolves or cyber wolves decent screens? I’m yet to use screening units as when I’m writing a list I look at the points and feel I should use them else where.

    • Andrew Gonyo

      Definitely – wolves are solid screens for reserve/deepstriking which I’ll get into in the next article. They fill a slot, they’re cheap (since unit size is 1 for cybers) and block out a ~20-21 inch diameter circle.

      In general, when I write lists I go spam-a-ramma for my first drafts (I don’t play these) because you can get a feel for what the list/book CAN do. Then you need to step back, assess how much you really need of those things, and build in the tools and utility your list will need to perform. If you don’t have screens, those great shooting units may shoot several turns less than if you had screens – those screens just bought you that firepower, so don’t think of them as wasted points.

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