Monthly Archive: October 2017


Competitive Fundamentals – Screening Part One

This article is my first in what I hope to be a sort of fundamentals to competitive 40k series, where I take some time to break down the more technical fundamentals of playing 40k at a competitive level. The first topic I’ll cover will be one of the most overlooked...


Eldar Codex Winners and Losers – First Reactions

The Eldar book came out today and the resident Eldar players here at Beast Coast have spent some time reviewing it. And let’s just say. Wow. There have been such a dramatic change in points that Index Eldar armies have now found themselves with 200-500 extra points! With that being...


How to Not Suck at Charging

Hi nerds, your friendly neighborhood brown guy is here to teach you about how to assault things.  The charge phase and fight phase are easily some of the most intricate in all of 40k and games are certainly won and lost in them, so learning how to be good at...


Stop slow playing!

A plague has writhed the landscape of competitive 40k for thousands of years. A mysterious force that’s impossible to pinpoint but always seems to linger about. In a lot of ways it’s like porn: defining it may be hard, but you definitely know it when you see it. I’m not...


Why I like cats – aka Soulburst tactics

Cats are pretty cool. Besides being sleek, fast, and deadly hunters, they have an air of grace and majesty. They can offer a lot to a person, but even more to an army. Especially the gyrinx and his companions, the Triumvirate of Ynnead.


Effective Use of Plague Marines

In previous editions, Plague Marines were tough workhorse units that could hold objectives, crack vehicles, and tie up units in combat without much support while the rest of your army was free to maneuver. However, they didn’t have much killing power. In 8th edition, their role has changed. They’re more...


Mortarion Miniature Monday

Hi everyone, I wanted to share my most recent hobby project: painting a Mortarion for Phil! This model is chock full of details and I only had about 2 weeks to finish him, also Phil wanted him to really stand out on the table and be display worthy afterwards. Fortunately...


Competitive List Building

All players, whether they realize it or not, have a process as to how they approach a new codex, change in rules, or entry into a new game. Competitive list building is a different process then some of you may be used to. The goal of this article is to...


Battle for Salvation 2017

The 8th annual Battle for Salvation has come and gone, and it was another great event run by Ed and Bobby from the Battle from Salvation club in New York. This was their biggest year yet for the 40k GT with 73 players. They also have a combat patrol tournament,...