Beast Coast Gaming Best ITC Team in 40k 2016 & 2017


Beast Coast Podcast Episode 3 – NOVA Open 2018 Recap!

  After a long hiatus we are back! This time its Nick Brown, Andrew Gonyo and Phil Rodokanakis recapping their NOVA Open 2018 experiences!   We hope you enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to us and leave feedback on iTunes and Google Play! iTunes Link: Google Play Link:


Beast Coast Podcast Episode 2 – The BIG FAQ 2018!

  Hey guys we are back with our second episode. Today Mike Brandt, Andrew Gonyo and Phil Rodokanakis talks about the big FAQ just released this week by Games Workshop! Please note this was recorded before The Games Workshop 40k Facebook page weighed in on their thoughts about certain Stratagems...


Beast Coast Podcast Episode 1 – Intercessors are great!

That’s right, we made a podcast! For our first podcast we have Co-Team Captain – Werner Born, Winner of LVO 2018 and 2017 ITC – Nick Nannavatti, NOVA Open GT and Invite 2017 – Andrew Gonyo, NOVA CEO – Mike Brandt, Jesse Newton, ITC Best Harliquins 2016 & 2017 – Cameron Piñeiro and Co-Team Captain...


Goals Aren’t Just For Soccer Part 1

In every aspect of your life, you set goals for yourself whether you realize it or not. Not all goals have to be grandiose milestones, in fact they shouldn’t be. If your ultimate goal is to run a marathon, you need to train (unless you’re this guy) and to do so...


The Road to ITC Champion

What better way to help you guys become better at 40k than by sharing my real life success story!  Grab some beer and popcorn, sit back and relax as I tell you the tale of how I became the ITC 2017 circuit winner. Before I get too deep into it,...


What is The Brown Magic

It’s finally time folks! I, Nick Nanavati, the Hunter of Trolls, King of Finlandia, Champion of Adepticon, Breaker of Models, Drinker of Drinks, and Lord of 40k, am here to help you git gud. The Brown Magic is a constantly evolving platform for Warhammer 40k tactics, strategies, army lists, battle reports,...


Successful Measuring is a Measurement of Success

There are some things every 40k player does to improve his or her  game. Arguing rules on the internet with strangers and trolls for hours, spending hours in Excel trying to shave off those pesky last 638 points to make your list fit, and relentlessly blaming dice for why you...


Miniature Monday: Ahriman

Happy Monday everybody, Werner here bringing you this week’s Miniature Monday featuring the one and only Ahriman. This guy has been in model purgatory for years, sentenced to life on a shelf or the box he came in through multiple editions and Chaos Marine codex releases. With all the new...


Craftworld Eldar and Ynnari go to a Tournament!

Over the weekend I had a chance to play in an RTT and I was able to take the new Eldar out for a spin. It’s actually mainly a Ynnari list, but still used a few detachments of pure Eldar to unlock their very powerful Stratagems. Here’s my list: Battalion...